Availability of NetNews on VMS and VM

Fri Sep 13 14:59:41 UTC 1991

  >>   : i would like to have a look at a list called
  >>     soc.culture.india on usenet, but don't know how to reach it.
 > Dear Thomas,
 >.................................................  As far as I
 >know, this is only accessible if you have an account on a networked
 >Unix machine.
 Usenet is based in "Unix land" but there are feeds to both DEC and
 IBM systems.  To recieve it on an IBM VM machine you need some free
 software (Penn State is one supplier) and an electronic feed.  We
 have Usenet (NetNews) here on our VAX cluster and are now testing a
 feed to our IBM VM system.  Our initial feed comes to the VAX from
 a Unix machine at another University.  Best check with your local
 sysadmin people.  If you would like any further info let me know and
 I'll dig up what I have.
    --Jim Cocks   Bitnet: JACOCK01 at ULKYVM
      University of Louisville

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