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Sat May 25 14:35:41 UTC 1991

Status: RO

Dominik Wujastyk suggested:
> With regard to the Sanskrit Syntax discussion, I am interested in
> the material, but pressure of work prevents me from participating
> actively.  What I *would* like, however, is the opportunity to read
> through the group's exchanges after a few months.  Do you think that
> one of you (Richard?) could keep a copy of each message, with the
> permission of the participants, and make the "archive" available to
> me, and other interested INDOLOGY members, after a while, on a
> periodic basis?
I certainly have no objection to keeping our discussions archived
and making the archives available on a regular basis. I presume if
the other discussants have an objection, they will let me know. I
shall keep the Indological Forum posted of the details of whatever
arrangement is eventually worked out to distribute these archives.
Richard Hayes

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