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This  is  the  latest  list  of  e-mail  sites  in  India.  It  also
indicates the kind of net a site is available on. The contact points
at some of the sites is indicated in the "To" addresses of the insts.
We hope this provides all the necessary info on the nets in India.
      Vahia at tifrvax.bitnet
>From shakti!anil Thu Mar 14 12:55:06 1991
To: shakti!betaal!cse!postmaster (IIT/B CSE),
         shakti!betaal!dhruv!postmaster (IIT/B CYBER),
         shakti!betaal!sameer!root (SAMEER),
         shakti!betaal!postmaster (IIT/B CC),
         shakti!imtech!postmaster (IMTECH Chandigarh),  (NCST Bombay),
         shakti!shiva!imsc!root (Mat.  Sci. Madras),
         shakti!shiva!ssf!root (SPIC Madras), shakti!agni!root (IGIDR),
        shakti!cdacb!root (CDAC Bangalore), shakti!cdotb!root (CDOT Bangalore),
         shakti!cdotd!root (CDOT Delhi), shakti!crlbel!root (CRLBEL),
         shakti!gmrt!root (GMRT Pune), shakti!iimahd!root (IIM Ahmedabad),
         shakti!iitd!root (IIT/D), shakti!iitk!root (IIT/K),
         shakti!iitkgp!root (IIT/KGP), shakti!iqbal!root (NASSCOM),
         shakti!isical!root (ISI Calcutta), shakti!iucaa!root (IUCAA Pune),
         shakti!jnuniv!root (JNU), shakti!kalyan!root (IIT/K),
         shakti!kbcscal!root (ISI Calcutta), shakti!ncsd!root (NCSD Bangalore),
         shakti!netearth!root (IIT/D), shakti!nitie!root (NITIE Bombay),
         shakti!parcom!root (CDAC Pune), shakti!plasma!root (IPR Ahmedabad),
         shakti!prl!root (PRL Ahmedabad), shakti!shiva!root (IIT/M),
         shakti!tifr!root (TIFR CYBER,Bombay),
        shakti!veccal!root (VEC Calcutta), shakti!vigyan!root (IISc Bangalore),
         shakti!vikram!root (DoE,Delhi), shakti!yantra!root (CAIR)
 X-Organization: National Centre for Software Technology, Bombay, INDIA
Subject: : Site list update
 Topic: sites
 Document updated:  March 13, 1991
Subject: : E-mail sites in India
 National Centre for Software Technology                  Phone: +91(22)6201606
 Project ERNET                                      Telex: +81(11)78260 NCST IN
 Gulmohar Cross Road # 9, Juhu               E-mail: postmaster at
 Bombay - 400 049, India           InfoServer address: infoserv at
                              SITES IN INDIA
   +============== ADDRESSING INDIAN SITES FROM OUTSIDE INDIA ==============+
   |                                                                        |
   |  If you are at a site that can     |   USER at              |
   |  handle domains                    |                                   |
   |  If you are at a site that can't   |   ...!uunet!UUCP-PATH!USER        |
   |  handle domains                    |                                   |
   |  Where: UUCP-PATH  - is the uucp path for the site. See list below.    |
   |         USER       - recipient's mail name on the destination host.    |
   |         SITE       - recipient's site name on the (ERNET) network.     |
   |                                                                        |
   |  Note:  Users using the C-shell under Unix systems may have to quote   |
   |         the "!" characters in the mail address.  This can be done by   |
   |         using "\!" in place of "!".                                    |
      Each site is required to have a postmaster who can answer general
      inquiries about users and hosts at that site.
 ====        ========================                 =========
 iimahd      Indian Institute of Management           shakti!iimahd
 plasma      Institute for Plasma Research            shakti!plasma
 prl         Physical Research Labs                   shakti!prl
 crlbel      Central Res. Lab., Bharat Elec. Ltd.     shakti!crlbel
 cdacb       Centre for Development of Advanced Comp. shakti!cdacb
 cdotb       Centre for Development of Telematics     shakti!vigyan!cdotb
 csirb       Council for Sci. & Industrial Research   shakti!vikram!csird!csirb
 ncsd (ncb)  Natl. Ctr. for Software Development      shakti!ncsd, shakti!ncb
 vigyan      Indian Inst. of Sci. - Comp. Centre      shakti!vigyan
 vidyut      Indian Inst. of Sci. - EE Department     shakti!vigyan!vidyut
 vidya       Indian Inst. of Sci. - KBCS Group        shakti!vigyan!vidya
 yantra      Centre for AI and Robotics               shakti!yantra
 agni        IG Institute of Development Research     shakti!agni
 betaal      Indian Inst. of Technology - CC I        shakti!betaal
 cse         Indian Inst. of Technology - CS Dept.    shakti!betaal!cse
 dhruv       Indian Inst. of Technology - CC II       shakti!betaal!dhruv
 nitie       Natl. Inst. for Trg. in Industr. Engg.   shakti!nitie
 sameer      Soc. for Applied Microwave Electronics
                 Engineering and Research           shakti!betaal!duruv!sameer
 +shakti     Nat'l. Centre for Software Technology    shakti
 tifr        Tata Institute of Fundamental Research   shakti!tifr
 #tifrvax    Tata Institute of Fundamental Research   shakti!tifrvax
 bose        SN Bose Natl. Ctr. for Basic Sciences    shakti!bose
 isical      Indian Statistical Institute             shakti!isical
 kbcscal     Indian Statistical Inst. (KBCS Group)    shakti!kbcscal
 veccal      Variable Energy Cyclotron                shakti!veccal
 imtech      Institute of Microbial Technology        shakti!vikram!imtech
 aiims       Biotech Dept., AIIMS                     shakti!vikram!aiims
 cdotd       Centre for Development of Telematics     shakti!vikram!cdotd
 csird       Council for Sci. & Industrial Research   shakti!vikram!csird
 iitd        Indian Inst. of Technology- CS Dept. I   shakti!vikram!iitd
 insdocd     Indian Natl. Sci. Documentation Centre shakti!vikram!csird!insdocd
 *iqbal      Natl. Assn. of Software & Service Cos.   shakti!vikram!iqbal
 isidev      Inst. for Studies in Industrial Dev.     shakti!vikram!isidev
 jnuniv      Jawaharlal Nehru Univ., Phy. Sci. Dept.  shakti!vikram!jnuniv
 netearth    Indian Inst. of Technology- CS Dept. II  shakti!vikram!netearth
 vikram      Dept. of Electronics, Govt. of India     shakti!vikram
 cmch        CMC Limited                              shakti!cmch
 kalyan      Indian Inst. of Technology               shakti!vikram!kalyan
 iitkgp      Indian Institute of Technology           shakti!iitkgp
 imsc        Institute for Maths-Science              shakti!shiva!imsc
 shiva       Indian Inst. of Technology               shakti!shiva
 ssf         Spic Science Foundation                  shakti!shiva!ssf
 gmrt        Giant Metre-Wave Radio Telescope         shakti!gmrt
 iucaa       Inter-Univ Ctr. for Astronomy & Asphys.  shakti!iucaa
 parcom      Centre for Development of Advanced Comp. shakti!parcom
 unipune     University of Poona, CS Department       shakti!unipune
 + Site(s) connected for "news" and e-mail.
 # Site(s) connected to BITNET as well.
 * indicates problems accessing this site of late.
 =======================================================end of document=======

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