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Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Mon Jun 3 11:29:58 UTC 1991

Status: RO

During a trip to Delhi this March, I visited the Indian National
Science Academy, and was given a card by Dr. M. Dhara, Asstt.
Executive Secretary and Assoc. Editor.  The card had Telex, Gram, Fax,
etc., and also the following:
E. mail: xxxx!vikram!insa!root
This is a UUCP address, of course.  You might try a message to
"postmaster at vikram.uucp"
Tim Clark's excellent "Hints for Getting Mail Through Various Gateways
to and From JANET" has the following to say about India (sect. 9.21).
   Apart from the Tata Institute which has two nodes on BITNET (TATAVAX
   and TIFRVAX, reached as explained in section 3), the majority of
   reachable sites in India are accessed via UUCP.  However, it appears
   that the only site registered in the maps is shakti.  To reach other
   sites one has to use addresses with "!"s in them from shakti, as
   explained in section 5 above.
   For more information send a message to NETSERV at UK.AC.EARN-RELAY
   containing the text GET A01MAY26 HELPNEWS
This is quoted from the issue of "Hints" dated 23 March 1990, so things
may have changed in the last year.
Finally, if you have access to USENET news, I'm sure that a query to
the group soc.culture.india about email would generate several up-to-date
Let us know of any successes.

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