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Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Tue Jul 30 13:42:43 UTC 1991


In April this year, I toured some of the Sanskrit MS libraries
in Saurashtra.  In particular I visited Gondal and Jamnagar.
For Sanskrit MS afficionados, I have about five photocopies each of:
1.  The catalogue of the MSS from the Shri Bhuvaneshwari Pith, Gondal.
(Number 102 in Janert's Annotated Bibliography of the Catalogues of
Indian Manuscripts).  The Gondal collection is about 8000 MSS, and in
the 1970s it was sold to Gujarat State, and deposited at Gujarat
Ayurveda Univ., Jamnagar.  The collection can be seen there on Mondays
only.  The librarian in charge is a Mr Shilu, who works in Junagadh for
the rest of the week.  Anyone going to Jamnagar for Sanskritic purposes
should make contact with Kaviraja Hari Sankara Sarma, Dean of Post
Graduate Teaching and Research at GAU.  He is a delightful man, most
helpful, and a real live wire.
2.  A rough listing of all (?) the MSS in the library of Gujarat
Ayurveda University, Jamnagar.  This typed list is mainly in Gujarati
script, but partly in Devanagari too.  This list covers the Gondal
collection plus quite a lot more (several hundred at least).
If you want either or both of these, let me know.
I am interested in any information that INDOLOGISTs might have about
the publishing activities of Jivaram Kalidas Shastri, who was Rajavaidya
to the Maharaja of Gondal from about 1920 to about 1970.  J. K. Shastri
(the father of Acharyashree Ghanashyamjee, the present owner and priest
of the Bhuvaneshwari pith, Gondal) published lots of books, and I am
specially interested in his edition of the Rasendramangala, apparently
published in 1924.  I have only seen footnote references to this work.
Anyone got it?  For reasons I went into in an article in Ambix in 1984,
I don't believe this is actually the Rasendramangala; most likely
it is Nityanatha's Rasaratnakara, or a part of it.  But I want to check.

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