Jaisalmer Manuscripts

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Tue Jul 30 13:24:14 UTC 1991


As INDOLOGISTs may recall, I wrote to Mr Joharimal Parakh, the gentleman
mentioned in the Motilal news item as a contact person for gaining
access to the Jaisalmer MS collection.
He wrote back promptly, and a very friendly letter it was.  The main
1.  "As to copies of MSS themselves, final decision will be taken in
the general body meeting of the [Jaisalmer Jnana Bhandar] trust on 29th
August.  Till then you will have to bear with us.  We shall let you
know the outcome then."
2.  Mr Parakh has catalogued a further 4,500 MSS in the Jaisalmer Jnana
Bhandar that did not appear in Punyavijayaji's catalogue.  Parakh's
catalogue is called "part II" of Punyavijayaji's, and is available for
200 Rs plus postage.
3.  He (or his team, he keeps saying "we" and "us") has also done a
Catalogue of Jodhpur Bhandars, which is also for sale at 300 Rs. + p&p.
It covers 8000 MSS in tabular form.  A second volume containing colophons
is planned.
4.  He also alludes to 3 tabular catalogues of Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Barmer
in a context that doesn't make it clear whether these are different from
those mentioned above.
I have written back, and await the decision of 29th August with bated

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