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Thu Feb 28 20:34:13 UTC 1991


This is an addendum to my recent posting on the availability
through anonymous FTP of _REACH_, Research and Educational
Applications of Computers in the Humanities, the newsletter
of the Humanities Computing Facility of the University of
California, Santa Barbara.
If you are FTPing from a computer using the CMS operating
system, you'll find that CMS will insist on each file having
a two part name of the "filename filetype" construction.
You won't have any trouble transferring the files containing
the various issues of _REACH_, because each of those has a
compound UNIX name such as "reach.9101" which CMS happily
turns into a "filename filetype" construction during the FTP
file transfer process.
However, CMS doesn't like the "readme" file with its single
part name, and will give you an error message if you try to
transfer it without renaming it during the transfer process.
Fortunately, such renaming during the FTP process is quite
straightforward. To transfer the "readme" file just use the
     get readme readme.memo
This will transfer the "readme" file to your machine as
"readme.memo," which CMS will find quite acceptable.
I did ask our local FTP wizard if it might not be a good
idea for me to rename my "readme" file to "readme.memo" and
eliminate the problem at its source, but he advised against
that technique, citing long established UNIX conventions.
Eric Dahlin
HCF1DAHL at ucsbuxa.bitnet

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