ALLC Report

Peter Schreiner K493750 at EARN.CZHRZU1A
Thu Feb 14 20:53:21 UTC 1991

At one of the conferences of the ALLC some years ago a Specialist Group
on languages and literatures of the Indian Subcontinent was formed, of
which I have been acting as "representative". The hope was that the group
would serve as a forum for the exchange of information; it seems to boil
down to my having to write an annual report. Now with INDOLOGY at hand
I would like to inquire whether any of you want to share knowledge about
projects, prospects, programs, activities, publications, method(ology),
software, etc., etc. which might be mentioned in the report for the benefit
not only of indologists but also of a wider public interested in literary
and linguistic computing.
Thanks and greetings,
Peter Schreiner

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