Machine readable text of Buddhacarita

Brett Kessler bkessler at COM.HP.HPL.HPLB
Fri Feb 15 21:08:16 UTC 1991

I would love to have a copy of the Buddhacarita.  One thing to keep in
mind is that for those of us outside the UK, the Oxford Text Archives
aren't quite so convenient: we have to order the material on tape,
which means we have to find someone to write a cheque and someone else
to mount the tape, and do a lot of waiting.  It's a great service, to
be sure, but not quite as convenient as it could be.
The LISTSERV idea sounds good, provided there is some mechanism for
sending large texts in chunks so as not to gag mail servers.  For
those of us on the Internet, an ftp server would be ideal for this sort
of thing.
 -- Brett Kessler   brett_kessler at hplabs.hp.COM

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