Machine readable text of Buddhacarita

David Magier magier at EDU.COLUMBIA.CC.CUNIXF
Fri Feb 15 14:39:34 UTC 1991

Columbia University in New York has, within its library system, a new,
impressive Electronic Text Center, which is highly equipped, and which
has started collecting electronic texts of many sorts, in many formats,
and with many types of software for text analysis, manipulation, etc.
Among other interesting things, they now have the texts identified as
the 'demonstration disks' of the Asian Classics Input Project, entitled
"Ten Major Texts from the Kangyur and Tengyur Collections of Classical
Sanskrit Literature in Tibetan Translation, including native catalogs
to the Kangyur and Tengyur, with a special supplement: the Complete
Cataloged Listings of Tibetan Works of the United States Library of
Congress". This very large, heavily funded project has Tibetan monks in
India working night and day inputting these texts, and running them
through very rigorous accuracy checking. Full texts available in this
collection so far include:
   Catalog to the Kangyur, Derge edition
   Catalog to the Tengyur, Derge edition
   Catalog to the Kangyur, Lhasa edition
   U.S. Library of Congress Tibetan-Language listings
   Selected errata to the Delhi edition of the Derge Kangyur & Tengyur
For more information about this project, contact
  The Asian Classics Input Project
  Washington Area Office
  11911 Marmary Road
  Gaithersburg, Maryland
  USA  20878-1839
  phone: (301) 948-5569
  The Asian Classics Input Project
  New York Area Office
  c/o The Princeton Clab of New York
  Box 57
  15 West 43rd Street
  New York, New York  USA  10036
  phone: (201) 364-1824
In order to help the ETC develop its collection of electronic texts, I
would be most appreciative if other members of this discussion forum
would alert to the existence of any other machine-readable texts in
the area of Indology (or even any other fields in South Asian
studies). Thank you very much.
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