Thu Nov 29 14:48:57 UTC 1990

Dominik asked about programs for processing Sanskrit. I got some little
helpers (an automatic converter Grassmann to mandala-numbering; a device
for changing a skt. text into its index ((slow but tiny, 1500 k))), but
all this is usefull only for those working with NotaBene (with SLS). So,
if someone should be interested, simply give me a note.
more important: for some time I dream about a program converting
oriental dates (vikrama; gupta; hejra etc) into dates of our era, taking
fully into account that some Hindu dates are "wrong" and proposing
a range of dates for doubtful data. I am not capable to develop such a
program. But maybe someone of the group wants to try his luck? I have
collected articles and books giving all sorts of formulas for such
conversions, which I could communicate.

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