Brett Kessler bkessler at COM.HP.HPL.HPLB
Thu Nov 29 20:23:12 UTC 1990

This sounds interesting.  If the tools don't already exist, I wouldn't
mind writing a C programme, given Harry's notes and enough community
interest to test it properly.
> more important: for some time I dream about a program converting
> oriental dates (vikrama; gupta; hejra etc) into dates of our era, taking
> fully into account that some Hindu dates are "wrong" and proposing
> a range of dates for doubtful data. I am not capable to develop such a
> program. But maybe someone of the group wants to try his luck? I have
> collected articles and books giving all sorts of formulas for such
> conversions, which I could communicate.
> Harry
 -- Brett Kessler   kessler at

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