programs (dates and eras)

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UK.AC.UCL
Wed Dec 19 17:19:07 UTC 1990


Dear Brett,
Qui tacet consentit "Who is silent consents":  I think that you could
safely assume that most INDOLOGY-ists are very interested in your
program.  But you are probably right that the development and testing
will not be of interest to all.  So please put me on your list of high
interest people.  I have plenty of real live Hindu dates, both samvat
and saka, taken from MSS, that I would be delighted to test.  I will
normally be checking against _An Indian Ephemeris (AD 700 to AD 1799)_
by L. D. Swamikannu Pillai, (7 vols.) and _An Indian Ephemeris (AD 1800
to AD 2000)_ idem., (1 vol.), since these are what I have to hand in
my office.  I am not always confident in working the tables in his
single volume _Indian Chronology_, though those would probably be more
useful for you, in the sense that they are closer to the underlying
ANSI C is ideal. (For this task, I mean :-)
Best wishes, and send me anything you like as soon as you like.  I have
a C compiler (QuickC 2.00), and can deal with most compression, archiving
and encoding programs (Eg., tar + compress + btoa, or ZIP + XXencode, etc.).
Best wishes,

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