programs (dates and eras)

Brett Kessler bkessler at COM.HP.HPL.HPLB
Wed Dec 19 01:32:56 UTC 1990

I take it interest in Indian chronology programmes is a specialized
taste, so this will be my last message to the group.  If anybody is
interested in collaborating on this or in using the final product,
please drop me a note directly, if you can.  Below is my Internet
address, in case the "From" field is munged.
The approach I'm using is to use the Julian Day as an intermediary
between various chronological systems.  Right now I have the Julian
and Gregorian calendars implemented, so the programme effectively is a
converter between Old and New Style dates.  Immediate plans are to
implement the current Jewish calendar (Hillel) next, because it is
familiar and totally deterministic, then the Islamic (Hijra), then
move on to strictly Indian systems.  Programming is in ANSI C, and
assumes the availability of 32-bit arithmetic.
I'm always happy to hear suggestions and countersuggestions.  People
willing to test at these initial phases stand a particularly good
chance of seeing their features implemented and their machine
architectures catered to!  It will also be a good deal more pleasant
to not be working in a vacuum.
 -- Brett Kessler   brett_kessler at hplabs.hpl.hp.COM

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