[INDOLOGY] Relation between 'Rāma' and 'Roaming'

Niranjan Saha shrinsaha at gmail.com
Wed May 27 17:06:33 EDT 2020

Dear List,

One of my old students who is teaching in a West Bengal (India) Government
aided primary school has pointed out the following to me (I've also
attached the screenshots sent by him, which are in Bengali script).

In a text book it's mentioned that the Sanskrit word 'Rāma'  and the
English one 'Roaming' have similarity in terms of their pronunciation and
meaning, as 'Rāma' means 'roamer' (i.e. a person who roams), and that  Rāma
is a hero in the Ramayana which refers to the fact that a group of nomads,
while roaming, entered the Indian subcontinent and settled in the southern
part of India after being settled in the northern part of India.

I'd appreciate to know if the word 'Rāma' bears any such meaning

Sorry for cross posting.

With regards,

Niranjan Saha, PhD, FRAS
Department of Philosophy
Kaliachak College (Gour Banga University)
Sultanganj, Malda, West Bengal, 732201

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