[INDOLOGY] PDF request: Patañjali’s Vyākaraṇamahābhāṣya 1976, 1979 of Joshi and Roodbergen

Blinderman, Radha rblinderman at g.harvard.edu
Wed May 27 14:51:04 EDT 2020

Dear All,

I wonder if anyone has PDFs or scans of some sections from these two
volumes by Joshi and Roodbergen:

*Patañjali’s Vyākaraṇamahābhāṣya. Anabhihitāhnika.* Poona 1976.

*Patañjali’s Vyākaraṇamahābhāṣya. Vibhaktyahnika. *Poona 1979

I have seen online several other volumes from the series, but unfortunately
not these ones, and currently library services are unavailable, so I cannot
request a physical book or a scan. I of course would not want to infringe
any copyright laws, but would appreciate having access at least to some
sections. If anyone happens to have and would not mind sharing the scans of
the sections just on Aṣṭādhyāyī *2.3.2 **karmaṇi dvitīyā *and *2.3.18
tṛtīyā, *I would be much indebted.

विदुषां वशंवदा,

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