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There is also a useful discussion of both Tibetan xylographs and Colonial
lithographs vis-a-vis pothī and codex formatting in the following chapter,
which also cites Rocher and Rocher's *Making of Western Indology*, p. 74:

Formigatti, Camillo A. 2016. “A Forgotten Chapter in South Asian Book
History? A Bird’s Eye View of Sanskrit Print Culture.” In *Tibetan
Printing: Comparison, Continuities, and Change*, edited by Hildegard
Diemberger, Franz-Karl Ehrhard, and Peter Kornicki, 72–134.

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> That was the format of all the early editions of Sanskrit texts published
> by the Sanskrit Press initiated in Calcutta in 1806 under the aegis of H.T.
> Colebrooke and managed by his personal librarian Bābūrāma. They have been
> described as as valuable as incunables.
> Rosane Rocher
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> Dear list members,
> Attached is a picture from the on-line guided lessons for Maurer's "The
> Sanskrit Language".   It shows a  book with  text  oriented in the book 90
> degrees different from the normal orientation in most western books.  I've
> seen this orienttion in some small devanagari chanting books.  I'm curious
> how common this orientation is, if it is only used for chanting books or if
> it is a feature of certain publishers or any other information.
> Thanks,
> Harry Spier
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