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Dear Harry,

This format was fairly common in the nineteenth century, especially after
the introduction of lithography made it possible to recreate the 'look' of
a manuscript page. Ulrike Stark has written a bit on this (see *Empire of
Books*) as has Graham Shaw ("The Introduction of Lithography and its Impact
on Book Design in India"). Shaw characterizes lithography as making
possible the "mass production" of manuscripts. I think there are some other
things to be said about that but certainly some communities did see
lithography as a way to mass produce copies of sectarian works in the form
with which they were familiar.

All best,

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> Dear list members,
> Attached is a picture from the on-line guided lessons for Maurer's "The
> Sanskrit Language".   It shows a  book with  text  oriented in the book 90
> degrees different from the normal orientation in most western books.  I've
> seen this orienttion in some small devanagari chanting books.  I'm curious
> how common this orientation is, if it is only used for chanting books or if
> it is a feature of certain publishers or any other information.
> Thanks,
> Harry Spier
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