[INDOLOGY] seeking Junagadh/Girnar inscriptions

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Tue May 26 14:41:40 EDT 2020

At the end of his *Travels in Western India* (1839), James Tod gives
translations of several inscriptions.  On p. 516
he begins a group of seven as follows:
[image: image.png]

I would like to find the original Sanskrit of these inscriptions and some
more academic discussion if possible.  I presume they are in a museum in
Junagaḍh, perhaps the Darbar Hall Museum
<https://archaeologymuseum.gujarat.gov.in/Museum/Junagadh2.htm> (although
that looks like it's mostly furniture).  But I don't know my way around the
epigraphical literature well enough to find a more recent study of them.
I've searched Disalkar's "Inscriptions of Kathiawad" without luck.  Online
searches for inscriptions in Junagaḍh tend to get blotted out by countless
references to Asoka and Rudradāman, but I'm looking for something more
local and less famous.

Is there an index or some obvious place I should be looking, in order to
locate a proper epigraphical study of these seven inscriptions?

Many thanks,

Professor Dominik Wujastyk

Singhmar Chair in Classical Indian Society and Polity

Department of History and Classics <http://historyandclassics.ualberta.ca/>
University of Alberta, Canada

South Asia at the U of A:

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