[INDOLOGY] 2 articles by Willem Bollée (corrections)

David Smith acchoda at gmail.com
Tue May 19 12:04:48 EDT 2020

Dear colleagues,

Further to my post earlier today, I am grateful to two colleagues for
corrections to my requests, which now read as follows:

Review of CHOJNACKI Kuvalaymālā 2008. Orientalistische
Literaturzeitung 107 (2012): 203-206.

Addenda et Corrigenda to Bollée, Willem B., Cultural Encyclopaedia of
the Kathāsaritsāgara. Zeitschrift für Indologie und Südasienstudien
32/33 (2015/20016): 175-202.

Best wishes,
David Smith
acchoda at gmail.com

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