[INDOLOGY] kośa or koṣa?

Nathan McGovern nmcgover at fandm.edu
Mon May 11 17:54:43 EDT 2020

Dominik, this doesn't really answer your question, but in Thai (which 
admittedly does often spell Sanskrit words in non-standard ways, 
especially in pre-modern texts) the spelling โกษ (koṣa), is quite 
common, perhaps even preferred, especially in the title โกษาธิบดี 
(koṣādhipati), which was the official in change of the Phra Khlang, or 
treasury, in Ayutthaya.

Nathan McGovern

University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

On 5/11/2020 4:38 PM, Dominik Wujastyk via INDOLOGY wrote:
> I always thought the first, with ś, was correct, and the second was 
> just an orthographic error.  Then I saw "-koṣa" on the title page of 
> Ingalls's /Subhāṣitaratnakoṣa/ 
> <https://archive.org/details/ananthologyofsanskritprosepoetrysubhashitaratnakoshakosadanielingallsh.h.univers/page/n2/mode/2up>.  
> He must have thought about this.
> So which is "right" and why?
> Best,
> Dominik
> PS I haven't even done elementary due diligence on this question, 
> beyond MW.
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