[INDOLOGY] satyakriyā gesture

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Thu May 7 06:24:55 EDT 2020

Dear Dr. Koch,

I am not sure what qualifies as satya-kriya, but there is the story of the Buddha who was tested by Mara while still a Bodhisattva, and who raised his right hand before touching the ground in the famous bhumi-sparsa-mudra, calling the earth to be the witness of his truthfulness.

Touching the ground is also, curiously, what the cat who ate the birds in the Hitopadesha story did, faking truthfulness.

Best wishes

Aleksandar Uskokov

Lector in Sanskrit

South Asian Studies Council, Yale University

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Dear listmembers,

For the interpretation of a Jātaka mural I am in search for a
description of a satyakriyā with additional details regarding specific
gestures that have to be observed (during a satyakriyā), for example
raised arms etc.
I checked the extensive secondary literatur without success. Not
available for me is Thompson 1998 IIJ.

  Anyone can help?


Dr. Rolf Heinrich Koch

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