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Mon Mar 30 15:00:48 EDT 2020

> Thanks Dr Steiner for the Sanskrit version

With pleasure. I take the opportunity to correct a lapse that Prof.  
Isaacson kindly pointed out to me. For the sake of convenience, I had  
copied the Bhartṛhari stanza from GRETIL, adapted the orthography to  
Kosambi's editions
and only corrected the obvious typo /mūṛkha/. However, I forgot to  
remove the space following /pracalad/°, because the latter is, of  
course, the first member of the compound /pracaladūrmimālākulam/ (if  
only because /pracalad /cannot refer to the masculine /samudram/). In  
our translation: "von UNGESTüMEN Wellenkränzen aufgewühlt".

prasahya maṇim uddharen makaravaktradaṃṣṭrāntarāt
samudram api saṃtaret pracaladūrmimālākulam /
bhujaṅgam api kopitaṃ śirasi puṣpavad dhārayet
na tu pratiniviṣṭamūrkhajanacittam ārādhayet //

(Bhartṛhari, /Nītiśataka/, ed. Kosambi 1946: 1.4; ed. Kosambi 1948: 1.9)

While I'm correcting: Please read /śabdaśāstram /instead of  
/śābdaśāstram /(a true typo) in CC's second stanza.

Best regards,
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