[INDOLOGY] Metrical inconsistencies and tradition

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> there are a few rare occurrences where we can apply the so-called  
> *muta cum liquida* rule
> In Sanskrit such an indulgence is rather rare and appears to be more
> frequently applied in Prakrit poetry and "Epic" Sanskrit. In the latter
> case several types of consonant clusters do not cause the preceding
> syllable to be guru.

By the way, Colebrooke already described the phenomenon in 1808:

"By poetical license, a vowel may be short before certain conjuncts  
(viz., /pra/ and /hra/; as also /bra/ and /kra/. [/.../]."
(H. T. Colebrooke, "On Sanskrit and Prákrit Poetry", in:  
/Miscellaneous Essays/, Vol. 3, London 1873, p. 65)

In his PhD thesis of 1988 Michael Balk noted the same metric license  
for the /Udānavarga /(especially for the case of /pr/- and/ br/-). See  
M. Balk: /Untersuchungen zum Udānavarga. Unter Berücksichtigung  
mittelindischer Parallelen und eines tibetischen Kommentars/. Marburg  
2011 (Indicat et Toberica. 53), pp. 39-42.

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