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Dear Friends,

there is a particular breath work for cultivating endurance amongst the
training manuals of Ninjas and proponents of the syncretic mountain
asceticism, known as shugendō, which is called the "mountaineer's breath" (
登山家の呼吸, *tozan-ka no kokyū*). It has an interesting paradiddle-like ratio
of inhalation/exhalation that supposedly can extend one's ability to
stealthily run across mountains at night, as long as the individual
breathed in this complicated way while running... I've recently tried
it...I guess, I need more practice.
Some stories say that a high-level *ninjutsu-sha* could run up to 200kms in
a day! These extend into the stories of the "marathon monks" that, as part
of their spiritual duty would run a marathon, everyday for days on end.
Life without Netflix is unbounded with potential, it seems.

*Anyways, the rhythmic pattern for this breath, is: *
*1 round = 1-inhalation, 2-exhalations, 1-inhalation, 1-exhalation,
2-inhalations, 1-exhalation*

*I'm wondering if this is similar to any haṭha yogic prāṇāyāma? *

I'm not implying any causal link, necessarily. I leave that to others, who,
in common parlance across various social media make consonant claims.
Interestingly, a re-orientalized and imagined mythical Ninja culture is
framed as being able to help reduce stress and tension, make people fitter,
run for the train... and generally more able to endure more of life's
problems, and, also have a transformative potential related to the twins of
transglobal yoga's popularity: 1) accumulate power(s) and 2) achieve moral

All the best,

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*bodhapūrvam calema* ;-)

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