[INDOLOGY] Meaning of abhagnamānam in this verse

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Tue Mar 24 22:18:43 EDT 2020

Dear list members,

Like many on this list I'm now at home and passing the time by reading
sanskrit. I'm going through the Panchatantra.
Verse 1.34 is:

yaj jīvyate kṣaṇam api prathitaṁ manuṣyair vijñānavikramayaśobhir
abhagnamānam tan nāma jīvitam iha pravadanti tajjñāḥ kāko 'pi jīvati ciraṁ
ca baliṁ ca bhuṅkte |

which Patrick Olivelle translates as:

"If his repute is spread wide among men, if he lacks not wisdom, courage,
or fame, 'That's true life in this world." the wise say: even crows live
long, but they live on scraps."

and Edgerton translates as:

Real life in this world, the wise say, is only that which is lived,
perchance only for a brief season, yet known to fame among men, and not
lacking in wisdom, prowess, or glory. A very crow lives a long time and
devours the food that is thrown to it.

I'm not clear what abhagnamānam means in the verse and how it fits into
these translations.

Bohtlingk-Roth for  abhagnamānam has Adj. *wobei die Ehre nicht leidet*
which I think means something like "whereby honor doesn't suffer" which
even more confuses me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Harry Spier
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