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So sorry to hear of Nick’s passing. Came to know him well when I was a visiting fellow at Wolfson many years ago.


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Dear List,
Nicholas (Nick) Allen passed away on last Saturday.
A Florilège of his comparative works was issued at the end of the last year: Arjuna-Odysseus: Shared Heritage in Indian and Greek Epic, London: Routledge, 2019.


List of figures.
List of tables.
List of abbreviations.
1. A starting point
2. Five relationships
3. Homer’s simile
4. Hero and horse
5. Yoga
6. Crocodiles and nymphs
7. Monkey and dog
8. Durgā and Athena
9. Draupadī and Penelope
10. Bhīsm a and Sarpedon
11. Hesiod’s Succession Myth
12. Five elements
13. Rings and rotations
14. Achilles’ shield
15. Dumézil and Dumont
16. Yudhis hira and Agamemnon
17. Kauravas and suitors
18. Hanging over abyss
19. Gods descend to battlefield 20. Heroes and supercategories
21. Cyavana and Prometheus 22. Telemachy 23. Dro a and Chryses
24. Aśvatthāman and the Wooden Horse. Bibliography.

Christophe Vielle<https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/christophe.vielle>

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