[INDOLOGY] The study of Sanskrit as the epitome of uselessness

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Dear Herman

One first thinks of course of Col.Pickering in My Fair Lady (I confess I
have not read the play itself). He is the author of "Spoken Sanskrit", and
thus obviously an object of ridicule.
When I was a child, an expression for something incomprehensible was
"Sanskrit legalese."
When I finally read (part of, I confess) a dharma text, I was
extraordinarily proud of the accomplishment for that reason!


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> Dear List members,
> Last night I started reading Ever After by Graham Swift. On p. 3 of the
> pocket edition (Vintage International) of 1993 we hear the protagonist
> think:
> "Before they [academics] are sixty, they are emulating one of the many
> varieties: ... the wide-eyed, latter-day infant, helpless in all mundane
> matters but possessed of a profound understanding of Sanskrit."
> A few months ago I was reading Nader tot U (1969) by Gerard van 't Reve
> gain. One of the characters has to fill in a profession on an official
> paper. In the end he decides to fill in "indoloog", which is considered to
> be better than "general in the Hungarian army" or "stratenmaker of zee"
> (general dogsbody) (p. 113). There is some confusion if indoloog refers to
> a civil servant in the Dutch Indies here (Indie verloren, rampspoed
> geboren) or to an indologist, which is later resolved by remarks about
> gurus and bhakti. I was amazed to see that I had bought the book in the
> summer of 1970, just a few months before I started with the study of
> Sanskrit.
> Are there more accidental references of this type to sanskritists or
> indologists in literature?
> (Leaving aside Lee Siegel's novel about Professor Roth being killed by
> Monier-Williams Sanskrit dictionary.)
> With kind regards Herman
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