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Dear Listmembers,
the Sambulā-Jātaka (519) is illustrated at a monastery Sri Lanka. 
Sambulā takes care of her leprosy husband Sotthisena in the forest. A 
demon falls in love and tries to catch her but Śakra rescues her.  The 
corresponding mural depicts Śakra as a terrible being holding a club in 
his hands. The Pali Jātaka provides no description of a disguised Śakra 
but in the Sinhalese Sambulā-Jātaka we can read, that Śakra saves 
Sambulā in the disguise of a terrible being (.../Sakdevraja bhayānaka 
vēṣayak geṇa/ ...). I suppose this is recorded in a source of the 
Mūlasarvāstivāda-Vinaya tradition, written in Sanskrit or Tibetan.
Anyone of you came across a similar version of this story, where Śakra 
saves Sambulā in a terrible disguise?

Thank you


Rolf Heinrich Koch


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