[INDOLOGY] Sanskrit reading lists?

Antonia Ruppel rhododaktylos at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 12:09:53 EDT 2020

Dear list,

In Classics, PhD students in the US are often given lists of texts from a
wide range of genres that they are expected to read, mostly in the
original, over the course of their degree.

Do any such lists exist for Sanskrit? I assume the situation is rather
different given the different histories not only of the respective
languages but also of their academic study; but anything of this kind that
you might be willing to share with me would be most gratefully received.
Likewise if you do not have such a list, but have thoughts on what should
be on it!

Should there be any interest in this, I will compile what I get and post it
to the list.

The number of people studying Sanskrit in their own time is rather
wonderfully on the rise, it seems.

Many thanks, as always,
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