[INDOLOGY] researchers interested in Sonars (as brahmans)?

Allen Thrasher alanus1216 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 20 22:40:24 EDT 2020

I have a collection of pamphlets etc. pertaining to the claim of Sonars (goldsmiths) to be brahmans (Vishvakarma Brahmanas, Jangid Brahmanas) and to their cult of Vishvakarma as God in the same sense as Shiva and Vishnu.  I am not likely to write up anything about it and will be giving it to the Library of Congress.  It contains materials (as I recall) in Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi, and Kannada.  If there is anyone working on this subject I would be glad to find a way to share it with them before transferring them to LOC.
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