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Dear Dr Das,

As per my understanding, it is Akshapada/Gautama (Akṣapāda/Gautama in
IAST, अक्षपाद/गौतम
in Devanagari) from 1st/2nd century CE, who wrote the Nyaya-sutras and
considered as the founder of the Nyaya school of Philosophy. Even I have
heard the traditional scholars uses the name Gautama.

Many eminent scholars like Karl H Potter
BK Matilal
and JN Mohanty
others used *Gautama* in their respective texts. I have seen Satish Chandra
using the name '*Gotama*' in one of his texts.

Hope this clarifies the confusion.
Thank you.


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> Respected Scholars,
I am a bit confused about a name.Is it Akhshapada Gautam or Akshpada Gotom
who compiled Nyay philosophy? Can anybody help me on this regard?
Alakendu Das.

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