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Sat Mar 14 11:32:39 EDT 2020

Respected Scholars,
The following lexica have been mentioned in Vogel.
If any one of you can help me locate some of these works, I would be
I understand that some of these may be just manuscripts, never printed.
But I have not been conclusively able to rule out their publication, nor
have been able to access them.

1. कोशावतंस राघवकवि (Poona,S. A. Khandekar, 1945, 234 pp.)
2. वर्णदेशना पुरुषोत्तमदेव
3. नामसङ्ग्रहमाला अप्पय्य दीक्षित
4. पर्यायपदमञ्जरी हंवीरमिश्र
5. शब्दार्थसङ्ग्रह साहजी
6. अव्ययार्णव जयदत्त कविराज
7. शब्दभेदप्रकाश भट्टोजी दीक्षित
8. द्विरूपध्वनिसङ्ग्रह भरतमल्लिक/भरतसेन
9. वैnभाषिककोष कृष्णकवि
10. ऊष्मविवेक गदसिंह
11. नानार्थशब्दरत्न कालिदास
12. तरला (नानार्थशब्दरत्नव्याख्या) निचुल कवि

Dr. Dhaval Patel, I.A.S
Collector and District Magistrate, Surat
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