[INDOLOGY] Online course copyrights/ideas -- Slightly off-topic

Patricia Sauthoff sauthoff at ualberta.ca
Tue Mar 10 23:47:54 EDT 2020

Dear all (cross-posted to RISA & Indology)

With the swift move to online courses in the wake of covid19, I wonder if
those on the lists well-versed in online copyright might give us some tips
to protecting our materials.

I discussed the possibility of my discussion-based Modern Yoga course going
online with my students and they offered some helpful suggestions:

*short (10-15 pre-recorded video lectures by the professor) followed by a
Twitch livestream, which would involve them asking questions/engaging in
discussion via text and the professor answering questions and leading a
chat discussion via video
*written assignments using guided discussion questions in a discussion
*maintaining a live online presence during usual class hours (but with the
archival capabilities of Twitch)

In the wake of these international university closures, I think it would be
helpful to have a thread dedicated to online pedagogies that we find
success with.

Patricia Sauthoff
Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of History and Classics
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada
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