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Coronavirus - “Touch me not” 3

नवीनोऽस्पर्शयोगोऽयं कोरोनासंप्रवर्तित: ।

न स्पृशेयं क्वचित् किञ्चिद् विमुख: स्वमुखादपि ।।

This new Yoga of No Touch is brought to you by the Coronavirus.  I shall
not touch anything and I have turned away even from my own face.

Coronavirus - “Touch me not” 4

स्पर्शस्य प्रतिषेधश्चेदावयो: कि प्रयोजनम् ।

दूरतश्चिन्तया हस्तौ पश्यतस्तौ परस्परम् ।।

If touching is forbidden, of what use are the two of us.  With this worry,
the two hands just look at each other from a distance.

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