[INDOLOGY] Repetitive recitation of a mantra

Dominik Haas dominik.haas at univie.ac.at
Sun Mar 1 07:21:38 EST 2020

Dear colleagues,

in my exploration of the history of the Gāyatrī mantra, I naturally have 
to deal with the practice of *repetitive recitation**of a mantra*. I 
would like to collect as much literature as possible about the origins 
and the development of this specific practice in South Asian religions 
(of course there's a lot about japa and mantras in general, and repeated 
recitation is ubiquitous, but I am looking for more focused studies). 
Serious studies about the psychological effects of repeating a single 
text would also be interesting.

Any references (and/or PDFs) would be very welcome, on or off-list!

Best regards,
Dominik A. Haas

*Dominik A. Haas, BA MA*
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