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Alfred Hiltebeitel beitel at email.gwu.edu
Thu Sep 12 17:50:10 EDT 2019

Dear colleagues,

There are two works I need. Is it possible that one or more of you could supply me with either of them?

Daniel H. H. Ingalls, “Words for Beauty in Classical Sanskrit Poetry,” in Studies in Honor of W. Norman Brown, 87-107, New Haven: American Oriental Society.


Eveline Meyer, “the Greatness of Ankalaparamecuvari, told through the story of how Paramacivan plucked the head of Piramma in the play called the destruction of Turuvacar,” in: Lothar Lutze, Ed. Drama in Contemporary South Asia: Variations and Settings, South Asian Digest of Regional Writing, vol. 10 (1981), Heidelberg (sorry but my. Source does not list the pages)

Many thanks,

Alf Hiltebeitel

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