[INDOLOGY] Jesuits on astrology/astrologers in India?

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On the Astrologues in Malabar, see also the testimony of Father Jacobo  FENICIO S.J., ca 1600-1609, in The Livro da Seita dos Indios Orientais (Brit. Mus. MS. Sloane 1820) of Father Jacobo Fenicio , S. J., edited with an introduction and notes by Jarl CHARPENTIER, Uppsala: Almqvist & Wiksells, 1933 (Arbeten utgivna med undestöd av Vilhelm Ekmans Universitetsfond, 40), pp. 59 and 115, here:

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See also on astrology and astronomy in Malabar the chapter (19) devoted to the science of the brahmins in the Jesuit Portuguese work, dated ca. 1615 , by
Diogo Gonçalves S. I., Historia do Malavar (Hs. Goa 58 des Arch. Rom. S. I.), ed. Josef Wicki, Münster: Aschendorff, 1955 (Missionswissenschaftliche Abhandlungen und Texte, 20), p. 27 sv. (see also on the writing, and on the malayalam and Sanskrit languages p. 29-30).
Charles Julius Borges, of the Loyola College (Baltimore), had once the project to translate this very interesting work in English, but no news thereabout.

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Thanks to all who replied to this question. I will forward your comments to the colleague concerned.

Best wishes,
Martin Gansten

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Objet: Rép : [INDOLOGY] Jesuits on astrology/astrologers in India?
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Dear Martin,

your colleague might be interested in what Dhruv Raina wrote on the topic, and refer to the bibliography in his article:

Raina, Dhruv. 2003. “Betwixt Jesuit and Enlightenment Historiography: Jean-Sylvain Bailly’s History of Indian Astronomy.” Revue d’Histoire Des Mathématiques 9 (2): 253–306.
Raina, Dhruv. 2010. “The French Jesuit Manuscripts on Indian Astronomy: The Narratology and Mystery Surrounding a Late Seventeenth – Early Eighteenth Century Project.” In F.Bretelle-Establet (Ed.) Looking at It from Asia: The Processes That Shaped the Sources of History of Science, 115–140. Boston Studies in the Philosophy of Science, Springer.



Agathe Keller

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Université de Paris
 Laboratoire SPHERE (UMR 7219)

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Dear Martin,

I have been working on a similar subject since some years and I intend
to write a book (not before 2 or 3 years). Unhappily, I am studying only
the French part of it, since many French Jesuits were good astronomers
and either observed the sky in India or got informed there about Indian
The best sources to begin with are :
Le P.Antoine Gaubil S.J., Correspondance de Pékin 1722-1759, publiée par
Renée Simon, Droz, Genève, 1970, and
The biographies of Jesuits by Sommervogel, which appeared in many
volumes. If you are interested by the French connection, I can give you
a list of names.
I also wrote an article on the European astronomers at the court of Jai
Singh II (they were Jesuits) in the Journal des Savants, 2013,


Jean Michel

Le 14.11.2019 20:19, Martin Gansten via INDOLOGY a écrit :
> With apologies for cross-posting:
> On behalf of a colleague (not an Indologist/South Asianist) who is
> researching the historical attitudes and practices of Jesuits with
> regard to astrology, particularly in the 16th to 17th century, I
> wonder if list members are aware of Jesuit sources that reference
> astrology or astrologers in India. Thanks in advance for any leads.
> Martin Gansten
Christophe Vielle<https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/christophe.vielle>

<Gonçalves_Historia do Malavar p. 27-30.pdf>_______________________________________________
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Christophe Vielle<https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/christophe.vielle>

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