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Hueckstedt, Robert A (rah2k) rah2k at virginia.edu
Fri Nov 8 16:26:25 EST 2019

Please notify any students who might find our Masters Program useful. Also, note the new Bridge to the Doctorate program, which funds its fellows. Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Arabic and Hebrew are languages students can study here.

Bob Hueckstedt

The University of Virginia’s Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures invites applications to its MA Program in Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies. The student focuses on one language in their chosen area. No previous language study is required to apply to the program except for Arabic, which requires two years of previous successful college-level study. To graduate from the program two years of successful language study are required in addition to a dissertation and thirty credits of coursework. For Arabic a total of three years of language study are required. For more information and application instructions, go to http://mesalc.as.virginia.edu/graduate-program.

Note that this year the University of Virginia’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has instituted a new program called Bridge to the Doctorate. This new program is only for US citizens and permanent residents who are underrepresented, either in universities generally or in their particular field, and whose undergraduate career has not prepared them for study at the PhD level. This program provides Bridge Fellows with substantial funding for two years. For more information and application instructions, go to http://graduate.as.virginia.edu/bridge-doctorate.

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