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Dear Mr. Jain,

Here are a few titles. Note that they are more directly related to the issue of ahiṃsā than to vegetarianism proper. I hope that some of them will be of some help. Lambert Schmithausen is currently putting the finishing touch to a much awaited monography on the subject.

Caillat 1993―Colette Caillat: Words for Violence in the ‘Seniors of the Jaina Canon.’ Pp. 207–236 in Rudy Smet and Kenji Watanabe (eds.): Jain Studies in Honour of Josef Deleu. Tokyo 1993: Hon-no-Tomosha.

Houben 1999―Jan E.M. Houben: To Kill or Not to Kill the Sacrificial Animal (yajña-paśu)? Arguments and Perspectives in Brahminical Ethical Philosophy. Pp. 105–183 in Jan E.M. Houben and Karel R. van Kooij (eds.): Violence Denied. Violence, Non-Violence and the Rationalization of Violence in South Asian Cultural History. Leiden, Boston, Köln 1999: Brill (Brill’s Indological Library 16).

Kataoka 2012―Kei Kataoka: Is Killing Bad? Dispute on Animal Sacrifices between Buddhism and Mīmāṃsā. Pp. 349–367 in Chikafumi Watanabe, Michele Desmarais, Yoshichika Honda (eds.): Saṃskṛta-sādhutā. Goodness of Sanskrit. Studies in Honour of Professor Ashok N. Aklujkar. New Delhi 2012: D.K. Printworld.

Schmithausen 1991a―Lambert Schmithausen: Buddhism and Nature. Tokyo 1991: The International Institute for Buddhist Studies (Studia Philologica Buddhica, Occasional Papers Series, 7).

Schmithausen 1991b―Lambert Schmithausen: The Problem of the Sentience of Plants in Earliest Buddhism. Tokyo 1991: The International Institute for Buddhist Studies (Studia Philologica Buddhica, Monograph Series, 6).

Schmithausen 2000―Lambert Schmithausen: Essen, ohne zu töten. Zur Frage von Fleischverzehr und Vegetarismus im Buddhismus. Pp. 145–202 and 286–288 in Perry Schmidt-Leukel (ed.): Die Religionen und das Essen. Kreuzlingen and Munich 2000: Hugendubel (Diederichs Gelbe Reihe 163).

Schmithausen 2005―Lambert Schmithausen: Meat-Eating and Nature: Buddhist Perspectives. Supplements to the Bulletin of the Research Institute of Bukkyo University (March 2005), 183–201.

Schmithausen 2009―Lambert Schmithausen: Plants in Early Buddhism an the Far Eastern Idea of the Buddha-Nature of Grasses and Trees. Lumbini 2009: Lumbini International Research Institute.

Schmithausen/Maithrimurthi 2009―Lambert Schmithausen and Mudagamuwe Maithrimurthi: Attitudes Towards Animals in Indian Buddhism. Pp. 47–121 in Nalini Balbir and Georges-Jean Pinault (eds.): Penser, dire et représenter l’animal dans le monde indien. Paris 2009: Librairie Honoré Champion, Éditeur.

Seyfort Ruegg 1980―David Seyfort Ruegg: Ahiṃsā and Vegetarianism in the History of Buddhism. Pp. 234–241 in Somaratna Balasooriya et al. (eds.): Buddhist Studies in Honour of Walpola Rahula. London 1980: Gordon Fraser.

Tull 1996―Herman W. Tull: The Killing that is Not Killing: Men, Cattle, and the Origins of Non-Violence (ahiṃsā) in the Vedic Sacrifice. Indo-Iranian Journal 39 (1996), pp. 223–244.

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Dear Members

Currently, I'm pursuing on topic Vegetarianism in different religions. In this regard, I would humbly request you to provide references of some articles /books on vegetarianism in Hindu religious scriptures/religious text.
It is my firm belief that your wide knowledge in Indology, would provide valuable scholarly references and guidance to take my work forward.
Warm Regards,

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