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I would read this as
„H. R.”


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Dear all,

You may view the image by clicking on the following link:


My question concerns the first initial in Roman script. The rest is clear to me. Also, if it seems that it is not P./B. R. Puruṣōttama Nāyaṭu, then I would be happy to receive any other suggestions.

Many Thanks,

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Dear all,

I am hoping that someone might be able to help me with the reading of the first initial found in the image below. I would like this to be the autograph of Pu. Rā. Puruṣottama Nāyaṭu, a renowned Śrī-Vaiṣṇava scholar, but I find it difficult to see a P or a B (as it is sometimes given) in the letter as written. The date, 10/4/(19)28 falls comfortably within his lifespan (1901-1976).

Many Thanks,


P.S. Please let me know if the image has not come through.

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