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Rosane Rocher rrocher at SAS.UPENN.EDU
Sun Jun 27 18:09:17 EDT 2010

Dear Stella and friends,

Thank you, and best regards from us both.  Thanks to the kindness and 
resourcefulness of Stefan Baums (in Japan), I was referred to a detailed 
description of Svea vol. 2 in the online catalog of the Carlskrona 
library.  Palmblad's essay is titled "Om Hinduernes Fornhaefder."  Some 
issues of Svea are available on google.books by scans from the New York 
Public Library, but the NYPL collection starts at vol. 4.

Meanwhile, I am also searching for a paper of about 1820 by the Danish 
scholar and librarian Rasmus Nyerup (Erasmus Nyerup when he writes in 
Latin) about the early attempts of Europeans to study and teach 
Sanskrit.  This, however, may have been an unpublished lecture.  May I 
add this item to my shopping list? 

With appreciation to all,
Rosane Rocher   

Stella Sandahl wrote:
> Dear Rosane,
> I don't have the article in question and I am, as you know, far away 
> from Sweden. However, of/when you get it I'll be happy to give you any 
> help you need with the Swedish language.
> Best regards to both of you
> Stella
> --
> Stella Sandahl
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>> Might a kind colleague in or about Sweden be able to verify the page 
>> numbers and provide the original title of an article the Uppsala 
>> professor Vilhelm Fredrick Palmblad published in /Svea:/ /Tidskrift 
>> foer Vetenskap och Konst/, vol. 2 (1819): pp. 1-168.  The title, as 
>> transmitted in German, is "Abhandlungen ueber die Urkunden der 
>> Hindus."   
>> I would be most grateful.
>> Rosane Rocher    /   / 

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