Raala RaaDa

Mahes Raj Pant mahesrajpant at MSN.COM
Sun Jun 20 12:04:00 EDT 2010

Dear Professor Goodall


The first inscription is completely in Sanskrit and reads the pertinent passage as such:



The second one is in two languages, viz. in Sanskrit, as usual, the mundane things in Newari. The portion that interests us is as follows:

putrash caarukaRaaDadeshajamahaadevasya naaraayaNah.

kshetram. geham adaat suraaryyana --vaasis.Thagotrodbhavah.


In the above line, one can dissolve the words in question as caaru  karaaDa  desha, if he knows that a country named KaraaDa exists. I took the ka between caaru and raaDa as a kan suffix  to caaru thinking that it was used to fill the metre.


The language of both inscriptions are not so elegant, so to say.You might have already noticed in the lines I quoted from the first inscription the order of words in the compound is faulty.






Mahes Raj Pant




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