Article sought

Valerie J Roebuck vjroebuck at MACUNLIMITED.NET
Fri Jun 18 04:10:06 EDT 2010

I now have the information I need. Thank you to everyone who has 
offered help. Once again I am overwhelmed by the helpfulness of List 

Valerie J Roebuck

>If anyone has access to the following article, I would be grateful 
>if they could contact me off-list:
>Harrison, Paul, 1995, 'Searching for the Origins of the Mahayana: 
>What Are We Looking For', The Eastern Buddhist, New Series, 28, 1, 
>1995, 48-69.
>I don't need the whole thing, just a couple of last-minute page 
>references for a bibliography. I have the 2005 version, from Paul 
>Williams, Buddhism: critical concepts in religious studies, but my 
>copy editor thinks I should have both! 

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