a stanza from the Raajamaarta.n.da of Bhoja, on Muhuurta

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Thu Jun 17 22:05:07 EDT 2010

Dear colleagues,
In his commentary on "Saaradaatilakatantra 3.19, Raaghavabha.t.ta cites a stanza attributed to a Raajamaarta.n.da. The stanza is as follows (bismillah on the use of Devanaagarii):

आदित्यद्वयरोहिणीमृगशिरोहस्ताधनिष्ठोत्तरापुष्याविष्णुमघानुराधपवनैः शुद्धैः सुतारान्वितैः ।
सौम्यानां दिवसेषु पापरहिते योगे विरिक्ते तिथौ विष्टित्यक्तदिने वदन्ति मुनयो वेश्मादि कार्यं शुभम् ॥

I don't have Pingree's Jyoti.h"saastra at hand, but have understood that it gives a reference, on p. 102, to a Raajamaarta.n.da on Muhuurta composed by Bhoja. Not having seen the reference, I don't know whether Pingree refers to a published or an unpublished text. Through a google search, I failed to find any answer to this question. If anyone knows off hand, or has the free time to check, and if the text is indeed published, I would greatly appreciate a reference to an available edition; I hardly dare ask, but a reference to the precise location where this verse occurs, if it can indeed be traced, would of course be ideal. For the same verse is cited in a ritual manual of the Orissa Paippalaada Atharvavedins, whose critical edition is being prepared by Shilpa Sumant and myself.
Many thanks in advance.
Arlo Griffiths -- EFEO/Jakarta

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