Religious Non-conformism and Cultural Dynamics

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Doctoral scholarships
Graduate college "Religious Non-conformism and Cultural Dynamics"
University of Leipzig
Deadline: 19 July 2009
The graduate college "Religious Non-conformism and Cultural Dynamics" will award
5 doctoral scholarships for a period of three years, beginning on 1 October 2009.
The college conducts research on religious non-conformism in various regional and temporal contexts. The
central thesis is that religious nonconformism is an essential element of the religious field and a potential resource
of alternative meaning and orientation, constituting an element of cultural tension and dynamics.
The project is arranged along three lines of interest:
(1) The tension between religious nonconformism and conformity, i.e. the dominant forms of (religious)
orientations and ways of life.
(2) The innovative potential and the transforming dynamics of religious nonconformism.
(3) The social structure, the interconnectedness, and the societal position of nonconformist groups and
The college places the study of religious non-conformism in an interdisciplinary and comparative context. The
fields of research include Study of Religions, Sociology of Religion, African Studies, Old Testament / Ancient
Near Eastern Studies, Arabic / Islamic Studies, History, Indology, Jewish Studies, Church History, Tibetology,
East Asian Religions.
We are looking for candidates from within and outside Germany with an above-average degree. Their dissertation
project must deal with religious non-conformism in one of the fields named above. The languages of the
college will be German and English. Candidates with insufficient German whose projects are chosen for the
college can in addition (from 1 January 2010) obtain a scholarship for linguistic training.
Applicants will normally be no older than 28. (But time spent rearing children, as well as national service etc.
may be taken into account.) Those given a scholarship must undertake to live in Leipzig.
The University of Leipzig aims to raise the proportion of women and therefore calls upon women to apply.
Handicapped people with equal qualifications will be given preference.
Applications (in German or English) should include:
- a description of the research project, max. 10 pages, with time plan
- a curriculum vitae and copies of certificates
- a specimen of written work (e.g. Master's thesis)
- a letter from an academic referee
- a list of publications (if any).
Please send these in electronic form (as pdf files) to:
nonkonformismus at
Prof. Dr. Hubert Seiwert
Graduiertenkolleg Religiöser Nonkonformismus
Religionswissenschaftliches Institut
Schillerstrasse 6
D-04109 Leipzig
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