Quotation help sought

Stephen Hodge s.hodge at PADMACHOLING.PLUS.COM
Mon Nov 20 05:11:56 EST 2006

Christophe Vielle wrote:

> It is obvious that it does not come from the early vaayuprokta B.dP (viz. 
> =
> VaaP). [snip] I find yours among Madhva's possible "false" quotations
> (cf. the work by Mesquita), viz. at BhaagTN (p. 19, 12-14):
Dear Christopher,
Thank you for speedily answering my enquiry. But could you elaborate a 
little on your above comments, as this is not an area with which I am very 

> I would be interested to know where you found it.
That great repository of human knowledge: Wikipedia.  I am trying there to 
correct a misconception that the Buddha emanation of Vishnu is benign with 
respect to the asuras.  People there seem to think that the pauranic 
depiction of the Buddha is flattering to him.

Best wishes,
Stephen Hodge 

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