CFP: IJHS book symposium

Sushil Mittal mittalsx at JMU.EDU
Mon Feb 7 12:34:50 EST 2005

Call for Papers

A special issue of the _International Journal of Hindu Studies_, planned for
December 2005, will assess Thomas McEvilley's _Comparative Studies in
Greek and Indian Philosophies: The Shape of Ancient Thought_.

This unparalleled comparative study of early Eastern and Western
philosophy challenges every existing belief about the philosophical
foundations of Western civilization. The author argues that the seemingly
autonomous and separate metaphysical schemes of Greek and Indian
cultures have mutually influenced each other over a long period of time, to
the point that today's Western world must be considered the product of
both Eastern and Western thought. His research systematically unveils
striking similarities between the early metaphysical ideas central to Eastern
and Western philosophies. The author explores in twenty-five chapters the
key philosophical paradigms of these cultures, such as Monism, the
doctrine of reincarnation in India and Egypt, and early Pluralism in Greece
and India, to show how trade, imperialism, and migration currents have
allowed these ideas to circulate and intermingle freely throughout India,
Greece, and the Near East. This study is based on early historical,
philosophical, spiritual, and Buddhist texts from 600 BCE until the era of
Aristotelian thought.

Choice magazine named the book one of the outstanding scholarly books
of 2002.

Article manuscripts are invited on any topic critically assessing _The Shape
of Ancient Thought_. The deadline to submit proposals is March 1, 2005.
The journal will provide a gratis copy of the book to the participants.

If you are interested to participate in this book symposium, please contact
Sushil Mittal at <mittalsx at>.

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