e-Monier Williams Dictionary for Macs

adheesh sathaye adheesh at SOCRATES.BERKELEY.EDU
Wed Feb 2 23:42:28 EST 2005

I have been using Virtual PC recently for assembling a font
recommendations page [since I work on MAC OSX and most Unicode Open
Type Devanagari fonts are non-functional in OSX]. It does work, in the
sense that one indeed may run Windows applications inside a window in
Mac OSX, but it is often inordinately slow. Especially if you wish to
run any Mac programs at the same time. Furthermore, on occasion it has
caused my Mac to do something it would never otherwise do: crash. I
would recommend using this method sparingly.

Adheesh Sathaye
South Asia Language Resource Center
University of  Chicago

On Jan 31, 2005, at 10.08, John Huntington wrote:

> Dear List Members
> Elizabeth's message made me think (always a bad thing) of one
> possible solution.
> I have not tried this, but maybe someone else has,
> There is a Microsoft product called  "Microsoft Virtual PC for Mac"
> (at least three versions of it) that is reviewed as running PC
> software very well on a MAC.  If any one has tried this I would hope
> that he or she could could tell us all how it worked. There are both
> Sanskrit and Tibetan software for the PC that interest me, but I too
> am (so far) a Mac only person.
> John
>> Dear All
>> I have tried installing some e-versions of the Monier Williams
>> Sanskrit
>> dictionary on my computer, but they were for PCs and as I am a
>> Mac-only
>> user I found they were not compatible with my Mac.
>> One of the versions I tried (based on the Cologne Digital Sanskrit
>> Lexicon)
>> worked in all respects except - the resident IT expert tells me -
>> that the
>> fonts provided were not compatible with a Mac. Thus I do get access
>> to the
>> html pages (one for each letter of the alphabet), but the Sanskrit
>> characters show up as, for example, [khakAra]3[kha--kAra] rather than
>> in
>> correct transliteration or Devanagari.
>> Would any of you be able to suggest:
>> 1) how to get hold of a Mac-compatible font for the above programme
>> AND / OR
>> 2) Whether Mac-compatible e-versions of the MW exist, and how to get
>> hold
>> of them if they do.
>> Many thanks for any suggestion
>> With best wishes to you all
>> Elizabeth De Michelis
>> Dr Elizabeth De Michelis
>> University of Cambridge
>> Faculty of Divinity
>> Tel +44-(0)1223-763015
>> West Road
>> Fax +44-(0)1223-763014
>> Cambridge, UK      CB3 9BS
>> for details of recently published book please see
>> http://www.divinity.cam.ac.uk/CARTS/dhiir/publications/modyoga.html

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