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Matthew wrote:
>In response to Jonathan Silk's comment:
>if an Indian travelled, was he thereby no longer
>Indian "as such"?
>JayAnanda's comm. was likely composed in Xixia,
>according to the colophon, but the author was
>a visiting professor from abroad.

As usual, I wrote in too much haste, and hence unclearly. What I
should have said refers not to JayAnanda's "identity" but rather to
the concerns and intellectual envirnonment within which he composed
his cy, and to which it might be imagined to, at least in part,
respond. A perhaps related issue is the language within which the cy
was initially composed. If I am not wrong, there is at least some
reason to think this may have been Tibetan ab initio.
Have I misunderstood Matthew's concern(s)?


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